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Avira Phantom VPN Pro With Cracked 2019

تحميل برنامج ال VPN الخارق

Avira Phantom VPN Pro 


مميزات النسخة المكركة

  1. داتا لامحدودة  
  2. جميع الدول مدعومة 
  3. حماية تامة ضد التجسس و التتبع 
وغيرها الكثير ...
Avira Phantom VPN Key Features :
  • Web anonymity : Changes your IP address
  • Simultaneous connections : Connect as many devices as you like
  • Secure encryption : Protects your private communications
  • DNS leak prevention : Supports the IP v4 and v6 protocol
  • Unblock content : Watch your favorite shows from anywhere
  • Server locations : Connect from any of our servers in 20 countries
  • Fast VPN : Runs silently in the background
  • Easy to use : On. Off. On. Off. It’s that simple
  • No logs : Avira does not monitor what websites you visit
  • The Privacy Minded : Escape those companies that track your online IP address.
  • Unhackable : Your financial info, passwords, and other private files are secure: they cannot be intercepted or read by third parties.
  • Encrypt your web traffic and secure your internet connection
  • Safely surf on public WiFi hotspots (airport, coffee shops, etc.)
  • Block hackers from gaining access to your computer
  • Create a unique, private, and fast path for you to surf the web
  • Prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from monitoring you
  • Browse the web anonymously by hiding your IP address
  • Bypass geo-restricted content and censored websites
  • Get global access to your favorite videos and TV shows
  • Avoid ISP throttling by hiding the services you choose to use

طريقة التفعيل

  1. قم بحذف أي نسخة سابقة عن طريق برنامج IOBit
  2. أطفئ برنامج الحماية
  3. قم بتثبيت البرنامج ولا تشغله - اذا شغلته قم بالخروج منه
  4. قم بنسخ ملفات الكراك الى مكان تسطيب البرنامج
  5. قم بتشغيل AviravpnPro 2.x.exe أولا ثم AviravpnPro.2.x one year.exe
  6. الان قم باستعمال Launcher.exe لتشغيل البرنامج
  7. كل شيء جاهز الان استمتع 🙂



Password = cpyar

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